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D300 Foundation awards $25,000 in educational grants in 2023.


Innovation grants:

AP Capstone Research Library
Vanessa Erfort , Hampshire High School                           $500
      An innovative learning experience to help students understand the research process, distinguishing data types, learn the different parts of a research paper, and to conduct statistical analysis for their own data.

Gelly Printmaking $989
Kelly Tumilty Westfield and Lincoln Prairie Elementary
     A learning experience to help students understand creating textures and layers of color used in printmaking.

Multisensory Learning in Math and Reading Intervention $992
Angela Springborn and Karen Gray,  Westfield Community School
     A program to provide hands-on resources to help Tier 3 students retain the information they are learning. Multisensory strategies increase student engagement, allowing students to access multiple areas of their brain to strengthen their math or literacy skills.

Read with a Purpose $577
Tracy Burke,  Gilberts Elementary
     A program to help guide and focus home reading in a more meaningful way, by providing guided activities to connect reading skills learned at school and reading with an adult at home. 

Visual Activities for Students with Cortical Visual Impairment     $911
Katie Wood,  DeLacey Family Education Center
   The CVI den will ensure that each student is being provided with individualized activities that cater to their specific visual and developmental needs in a controlled environment which will eventually increase their visual attention and engagement.

Student Author Contest $500
Anita Masching & Megan Klotter,  Algonquin Lakes Elementary
     With this grant we will be able to build upon a program initiated by our students for student authors to have their books “published” and bound for others to check our of the school library.

Sleepy Hollow Sticks Together $420
Sara Johansen,  Sleepy Hollow Elementary
     This program will show students how working together as an entire school unit, how each student’s contribution adds to the final product.

One Small Step: Proposal to Support Expansion of Model Rocketry at HHS $975
Jonathan Weger, Hampshire High School
     Students collaboratively work in teams to design (both 2D and 3D), prototype, build, test, and fly rockets to win a ‘government contract’ as competing aerospace companies. Students are given a list of flight mission details, parameters, and data; from there they must run through the entirety of the engineering process. Along the way they will design, present, build, and compete for the contract in a real-world aerospace engineering situation.


Large Project Grants:

Mexican Repertoire Initiative     $2,200
Performing and Fine Arts Committee,  Elementary School

Railyard Fitness in the Elementary Schools    $8,610
Performing and Fine Arts Committee,  Elementary School

Welcoming Newcomers: How to build an inclusive and empathetic classroom through read-alouds     $4,204
Performing and Fine Arts Committe, Elementary and Middle Schools

The Art of Paper Making    $4,000
Performing and Fine Arts Committee,  High Schools

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