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Annual Awards Ceremony

The Foundation’s Annual Awards banquet celebrates excellence in Education by honoring outstanding educators and employees nominated from each District 300 school.  At this event the Foundation will announce who has been selected as the Distinguished Educator of the Year and Distinguished School Employee of the Year.

2024 Educator & Employee of the Year

School District 300 Foundation for Educational Excellence Honors
2024 Educator and Employee of the Year Winners

Educator of the Year

Meghan Wilson
Carpentersville Middle School

Employee of the Year

Cristina Paniagua
Sleepy Hollow Elementary School

Past Distinguished Educators

2023     Zoki Russo – Sleepy Hollow Elementary School
     Sarah Thomas – Hampshire High School

2020     Jennifer DeLong, Algonquin Middle School
              Lisa Levy, Lake in the Hills Elementary

2019     Jesus Romero, Lakewood Elementary School

2018     Kevin Christian, Jacobs High School

2017     Sean Hough, Gilberts Elementary

2016     MaryBeth DeVore, Lake in the Hills Elementary

2015     Michael York, Hampshire Elementary

2014     Stephen Fodor, Westfield Community School

2013     Jennifer O’Donnell, Lakewood

2012     Cynthia Schneider, Jacobs High School

2011     Kristine Pizzolato, Dundee Middle

2010     Carol Anderson, Neubert Elementary

2009     Barb Jones, Lincoln Prairie Elementary

2009     Carolyn Szabo, Dundee Middle School

2008     Nancy Hatcher, Liberty Elementary

Past Distinguished School Employees

2023    Melissa Garcia, Carpentersville Middle School
    Nancy Whalen,  Algonquin Middle School

2020    Keith Gutierrez, Lake in the Hills Elementary
            Dena Hernandez, Dundee-Crown High School

2019    Brendann Freeman,  Perry Elementary

2018    Angelina Piotrowski, Gilberts Elementary

2017     Maria Rim, Lakewood Elementary

2016     Christopher Orange, Perry Elementary

2015     Celeste Breslow, Golfview Elementary

2014     Tracey Moore, Neubert Elementary

2013     Telesforo Contreras, Westfield Community School

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