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2021 | 20202019 

D300 Foundation Awards Over $8,700
in Educational Grants in 2022


Innovation Grants:

BRAINball™ Physical Education Cross Curricular System
Lisa Alvernia-Kopetsky , Westfield Community School       $900
Erica Wiltberger, Carpentersville Middle School          $820
     BRAINball™ is a learning system that merges physical activity and academic learning through play.

Raised Planting Program  $544
Kathleen Graham, Sleepy Hollow Elementary
     This grant will set up a planting program at the school to help students develop an interest in growing fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Multi-Cultural Story Telling $515
Lauren Sarnwick, Gilberts Elementary
     Storytelling kits will help students foster their creativity, role playing and story retelling to help them improve their literacy and language skills.

Opera for the Young $850
Sonya Rohde, Hampshire Elementary
This program brings profession opera singers, sets and props to the school to learn about opera and includes student participation.

Traveling Art Exhibit     $494
Krista Rothecker, Jacobs High School
     A program to enhance the world language curriculum by bring a traveling art exhibit to the students vs. a field trip.

Great Outdoors       $850
Christina Dahlberg, Algonquin Lakes Elementary
     This grant will create an outdoor learning space to help promote overall health and well-being while learning. * Seating donated from the Kane County Forest Preserve.

Record, Reflect and Respond     $840
Kelly Hoblin-Lamorena,  Westfield Community School
     Music classrooms will be able to frequently create high quality recordings allowing stronger reflections of their musical growth process.

Personal Development Enhancement $939
Ashley Nelson, Dundee-Crown High School
     Mindfulness activities for students in Success Academy

In-house Cultural Experience—Flamenco $1000
Patricia Ruiz, Jacobs High School
     This program will bring an interactive program experience to the school to engage students on the three main elements of Flamenco Dance.

Make Reading Hands On $950
Jennifer Ford, Lincoln Prairie Elementary and Westfield Community School
     Program to help students interact with reading for a deeper understanding of concepts.


Large Project Grants:


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