Large Project Grants


Have an idea for a Large Grant project?

You must work with a Foundation Trustee. 

Please contact Pat Ehmann at the Foundation to find out more about the Large Grant

program or to be put in contact with a Trustee who can guide you through the Large Grant

application process.   (847)551-8475

What is a Large Project Grant?

Standing Foundation Committees that identify needs and develop proposals to address them include:

•Performing & Fine Arts
•Science & Technology
•Student Leadership

Foundation Grants in the above areas support cutting edge, creative projects that facilitate instruction and are not normally funded within school budgets. These grants must:

•Meet the mission of the Foundation
•Support State Standards in Education
•Support District 300 Curricula
•Reach out to a particular population of students across the entire district, (i.e. all speech therapy students, all high school biology classes, all early elementary readers, etc.)

The standing committees consist of at least one member of the Foundation Board of Trustees and a representative group of educators from across the school district who identify needs within the district. The standing committee team members work together to prepare Foundation large grant proposals to address these needs.  These "Large Grant requests", on a standardized form provided by the Foundation, are submitted by the standing committee team to the Foundation Projects Committee, which in turn, reviews them to see that they meet the above criteria. The Board of Trustees gives final consideration to the Large Project Grants in April.

Large Grant Application