Large Project Grants

What is a D300 Foundation Large Grant?

- Large Grants are for programs which serve a particular population of students across District 300 (i.e. all sixth grade science classes). 

- Large Grants start with a group of teachers across District 300, along with at least one Foundation Trustee, who come together to propose a program to enhance and enrich student learning beyond the scope of programs already funded by the District.

- Often times, these programs start out as classroom based Innovation Grant program which has proven to be successful.

- Large Grant proposals are due March 25, 2020

- To find out more about the Large Grant program and to be put in contact with a Trustee who can guide you through the Large Grant application process.  Please contact Pat Ehmann at (847)551-8475

Grant Evaluation Form (form is to provide feedback on a previously approved and implemented grant)


2019-2020 Large Grants awarded include:

Harmonic Instruction
NIU Reductive Woodcut Workshop
Sensory Supports - Funded through the Joan Steenhausen Memorial Fund


2018 Large Grant takes 60 students to the Starline Gallery to participate in 5 different workshops.  
Watch the video.


2017 Foundation Large Grant allows students to make jewelry from old skateboards.  Read more.

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Large Project Grants:

2019-2020 Large Project/Trustee Grants

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