Distinguished Employee of the Year
Purpose of the Award
The District 300 Foundation for Educational Excellence seeks to enhance and extend learning opportunities for all District 300 students. A child’s District 300 learning experience can be enhanced by the exceptional efforts of employees whose job description does not meet the criteria of the Distinguished Educator Award program. By annually honoring an employee who works within District 300 and who best meets the criteria of this award, it is hoped that such excellence will serve as an inspirational example. 

District 300 School Employee of the Year Award Criteria

• The nominee must have at least 3 years of District 300 service and be at least 3 years from

   anticipated retirement.

• The nominee should display professional excellence, innovativeness, dedication, and/or
   any other quality that contributes toward an enhanced/enriched District 300 student
   learning experience.
• The nominee should demonstrate through daily practice an understanding of the needs of
   learners in his/her area of job responsibility.
• By example, the nominee should inspire colleagues to work towards the same level of high
   performance and a willingness to share his/her expertise.
Employee nominees include the following:  
Para educators, custodians, food service workers, security officers, non-certified nurses,
bus drivers, media paras, registrars, attendance clerks, family liaisons, school resource
fficers, bookkeepers, secretaries/assistants, family school liaisons, buildings/grounds,
central office staff and technology. 

Nomination Process 
Each school in District 300 is encouraged to annually establish a nominating committee of no less than three staff members to determine whether a nomination should be submitted. Should it be decided that a nomination is to be submitted; the school nominating committee will complete and submit the application by the required date. Questions regarding the process should be directed to Pat Ehmann, Foundation Administrative Assistant, at:  patricia.ehmann@d300.org  

Deadline for Nominations 

Friday, January 25, 2019.  Nomination forms are electronically submitted to The District 300 Foundation for Educational Excellence.  

Selection Process 

The Selection Committee will consist of no less than three District 300 Foundation Trustees. The finalists for this award will be announced prior to the annual Foundation Awards Celebration. 

The Foundation’s Distinguished District 300 School Employee Award will be announced and presented at the annual Awards Celebration dinner in April. 

Distinguished Employee Nomination Instructions

Distinguished Employee Nomination Form


Past Distinguished School Employees of the Year

2018  Angelina Piotrowski, Gilberts Elementary School

2017  Maria Rim, Lakewood Elementary School

2016  Christopher Orange, Perry Elementary School 

2015  Celeste Breslow, Golfview Elementary School 

2014  Tracey Moore, Neubert Elementary School 

2013  Telesforo Contreras, Westfield Community School